My pet peeve with LinkedIn: messages from recruiters on another continent offering me a job because I live in the same country as the job offer. Just because the Netherlands are a small country doesn't mean I will take any job anywhere in the country! Open Google Maps and check the driving distance, then you'll find that the job is 150km away from where I live, and it would take me 90 minutes to get there in good conditions, not to mention rush-hour traffic! Thanks but no thanks!

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    I had that happen once. Turned it down just to find out there was a town closer to me as the more well-known one I thought it was.
    Recruiter was polish so I figured the geography might be confusing, but it turned out I just don't know my area :-p
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    Yeah that happens a lot indeed. It might also have to do that we mind driving From The Hague to Amsterdam. While in a lot of other continents that's like a daily thing.
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    I live in Colorado, and I get emails from recruiters in New Jersey about jobs in Tampa, Houston, and Cleveland, all over a thousand miles away. Not very good jobs either. Recruiters just spray out to as many leads as they can, regardless of viability.
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    And there I sat a few years ago, wanting to move, but all I got was messages from recruiters in the City I tried to move away from. There is a setting in Linkedin for "cities I'm interested in", but apparently no recruiter ever looks at that.
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