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    Don't know about Swift, but that thing with U2 and iTunes was such a miserable move.
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    @kamen Made me actually laugh the most! :D
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    Lisp people do actually make me nervous
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    The other guy in Haskell is trying to suck his dick via that trumpet
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    @Hazarth as they should
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    People are outgrowing C#?
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    @kamen i didn't get that one
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    @embeddedmaikel Basically U2 had made some kind of deal with Apple and a lot (if not all) of iTunes users ended up with an U2 album added to their library and downloaded to their devices, whether they like it or not. Pretty low IMO.
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    @kamen oh! So that's the explanation ... I didn't remember having bought that U2 album ...good to know, even if a few years late!
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    Don't get the C# one, I see it growing more and more popular now it's cross platform and open source with .Net Core.

    It's more like Craig David. You forgot all about it, but note it's making a comeback.
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