Microsoft Edge might just become my main browser 🤔

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    An err did occur
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    @asgs unfortunately not, managed to catch and evaluate 😂
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    Edge Case
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    @zonzwart come February: let's take over your chrome browser and force it to search with bing :-p
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    @Demolishun Doooo you have the time, to listen to me whine, about every little edge case alll aaat once?! 🎶
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    I'm using Edge as my main browser at work. It started because I was too lazy to install something else, but I found out it's actually a pretty ok. Assuming you don't need anything special.
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    @that-guy Except when it deletes what you were typing in the search bar after pressing Ctrl+T and typing immediately :^)
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    @siebe I mean, you're apple / Google phone OS is already doing that?

    Glass Houses, people.
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