Slogging through half baked code, I wondered to myself... Who the fuck is Robert and where is he?

Quickly searching through Google and finding a handful of results I see that he had left long ago. Probably leaving for good reason. I'll never be able to ask him though. Never will I know why he left. He probably has a very sensible reason, but goddamn do I wish he left something that I could use to discern what he has created.

There is no documentation, no reasonable information about why anything was built the way it was, only just mountains of rusty ass baren code to scale down.

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    ...I find myself really wanting to ask for Robert's last name, because we have a Robert too, who used to work at a different company, whose code is incomprehensible and broken.

    Unlikely to be the same guy but it would be funny if he was.
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    Is this the new tinder 👆
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    @EmberQuill Exchange either hashes or individual letters if you don't want to disclose the name.
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    Last name starts with a P.

    Probably not the same guy since you mentioned finding "a handful of results" and our Robert has a ton of bullshit patents in his name.
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    We have a Robert, too. Long gone, PM thinks he's a genius.

    Well he kind of is. He wrote a custom Gradle plugin, central to all microservices of a project. It's good code, very elaborate, the plugin preconfigures a lot of things for all microservices.

    It's just... it's written by someone deeply familiar with Gradle for someone deeply familiar with Gradle. My coworkers and I don't really understand how it does what it does. We don't even know everything it does.

    Otherwise good code that others can't understand is bad in a different way.
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