"Do you validate other people’s markup? Yes? You’re an asshole." - Jeff Croft

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    Do it fucking right or don't do it at all, asshole. Stop being a slob.
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    The one from GIT once said, everyone who don't understad it, is just too dump and should use SVN...
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    @blubberfish and I hate GIT
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    I validate other people's markup if either someone asks for a review of his web stuff, or if I want to find out whether he knows what he's doing.

    People with invalid markup immediately flag themselves out as clueless noobs if they are beginners. But there's hope, they might learn.

    If they claim to be experienced, it's worse because that tells they're sloppy and have low standards. These incompetent fucktards are also the ones who think other people evaluating their crappy markup are assholes.
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