Try googling "electron", is your top hit the framework electron or the elementary particle electron?

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    The subatomic particle, because my search engine doesn't change the results to fit my views.
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    Who would have guessed. Google knows that I'm a Dev after googling thousands of so answers befor switching to DuckDuckGo.
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    The framework
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    I find it weird I have that I have to clarify electron in terms of physics and not framework, really should be the opposite.
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    On google and bing it’s framework on duck it’s particle first.
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    On DuckDuckGo, it's the framework. On Google, it's the particle. Weird, since I've been using Google for software-related searches 99% of the time. At one point I even had searched the Electron framework on Google Search. 🤔
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    If it's regular tab, I got framework result, if it's on private tab, I got particle
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    DDG: particle
    Google: framework
    Bing: framework

    🤔 interesting.
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    Google: elementary particle 😎
    Kids, don't do JS

    Also I didn't get to learn advanced scientific concepts at school so I Google that shit a lot
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    I used Yandex for fun (The russian version, not .com)

    Framework for the first 3 results
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    Same with baidu lol !
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