A new app called Byte which is Vine remade and exactly same as Vine and the creator of vine made it, my question is what was this app developed in? Flutter, reactnative, native or what?

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    Cant find it on play store. Just extract the app from the phone and open it as zip. If it has .dll files anywhere inside its xamarin/unity, flutter has the same and cordova/ionic has a lot of js files inside. And if it has none of those inside its native, probably
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    It's byte, with a lowercase b.

    Its the only thing I know of the app, their name branding reached me, then I closed the article about it.
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    @24th-Dragon it's not available in my country too
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    Cant be right for sure, but its likely

    kotlin for android
    swift for IOS

    and go for their backend
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    @Frederick eng? He is looking for Swift English programmers?
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    @Frederick so it is a native app? Wtf why?
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