My fav interview was at my previous job. It was a junior position. The lead was a very friendly and wise guy. He kept pushing me (positively) with subtle hint until I get a code right. After completing each problem he give me elaborate explanation about the meaning of the problem and how to approach it from other angles. It felt like I'm in front of buddha who is making me realize the inner working of the world. Didn’t get 50% of the questions right, still he recruited me because "You were very curious and you were having fun solving problems". Best one and half years of my career.

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    I think if I'm ever on a higher position my main focus would be if the person has fun problem solving and it's curious individual. Curiosity for me has been a force to make me more excited on software and become better. It's a useful tool when you feel impostor syndrome or you are feeling down.
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    Engineers that are curious and interested in solving problems are my favorite to work with, and always my preferred engineer to hire.

    The interested and passionate ones will always put out fantastic work, they’re also always ready to learn, to be coached and to improve.
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    @cyanide6033 it’s the right part of the engineer to focus on, anyone can learn technical skills. Being passionately curious is difficult, if not impossible to teach.
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    @arun I agree. Someone who is not curious can have good technical skills on the stack that the companies work on but the curious look beyond that
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