Does anyone actually use Kali Linux for something serious instead of feeling like a hax0r?

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    Here's a photo of someone using it for serious work.
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    Hardly.. My bro used to use Kali as main os, but smth didn't work out. And the fact that you are root by default - it's just wrong..
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    @netikras I think I read somewhere that it was going to change, but yeah...

    I used it once or twice a long time ago as a VM to have fun, but that's pretty much it.
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    I use all the tools of Kali on Manjaro.
    No use using a distro that has an issue every two weeks (once, the kernel was replaced by a file that only said "fuck you")
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    Yes, for the first 1-7 days after moving to a new appartement and needing internet.

    Let's be honest, it's way easier than going to talk to the neighbors
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    I've used it as main OS for a while but just distrohopped away after some time 😄
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    @NoToJavaScript installing bettercap along with the dumping tools isn't that hard on other distros though, now is it?
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    @kescherRant Well boot on a default Kali USB key with everything preinstalled is even faster. Not even need to install it

    Only need it for 1 hour or something
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    @NoToJavaScript Ok, but the distro is still crappy for a lot of other reasons (root by default, apparently the maintainers can't secure their repos properly, ...)
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    @kescherRant Never used it for more than a day to say something tbh
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    You're not supposed to use Kali as your daily driver. It's just a set of tools bundled together in a pre-configured environment, hence the default root user.
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    AFAIK no, even a person I know that works for security uses a highly personalized version of gentoo
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    No one with any sense, it's just debian with tools and some specialized configuration. It's not meant to be a desktop OS.
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