Now this is cute.

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    I wish I had someone to teach :(
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    I love some of my colleagues. They are so cute sometimes. We are always pushing each other to get better. 💕
    Probably the only reason I want to stay at my current workplace.
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    (variable === true)
    teach him not to do that pls
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    @kescherRant I mean it can be useful.
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    Probably some pirates related discord I assume ;)
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    @kescherRant dont to type safe boolean true check? Why not?
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    @RagingCodeChimp In that scenario, it's useless. It *can* have merits for variables with multiple types, but is usually not necessary and looks bad. My opinion on this though, is that I hate tslint's strict-equals rule. Don't tell them not to use it, teach them when it is and isn't necessary
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    @RagingCodeChimp I hate people that to this everytime!
    There are opportunities to do so, but usually not
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    Guess ive just been burned by both js and php too many times 😉
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    @kescherRant I don't think there are functionally identical methods to this. variable == true would be redundant, but with === there's no other way than to type it out.
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