I was studying a lot the last year, i learned a lot about Machine Learning/Deep Learning, Data Gathering, Data Analysis, ETL, Model Architecture Design, Training, Fine Tuning, Backend Development, DataBases, API Development, ORMs, Rest, GraphQL, OAuth, CI/CD, Docker, Deployment to Production environments like Heroku, Git and more stuff i dont remember while writing this. I built and keep adding stuff to my Github Portafolio.

Im not able to get a job. I started looking for jobs as Data Scientists, no response never. I take a look at freelancer sites, nothing seems to fit my skills. And when there is a minimal fit, they always want a Full Stack Web Developer, i dont know Frontend Development, i dont like do it.

Dont know what to do or how to land any job.

My options aeems to be:

1.Learn Frontend Dev and work as Full Stack in underpaying freelance jobs

2.Keep applying to Remote-Only startups, but they still wants people with 3+ years of experience.

i cant work in my city, here are not any company startup hiring no one, we are 30 years in the past here.

What you do in my place?

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    Beginners via remote work usually aren't in demand from the employer side. Relocating would make sense.
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    So you're seem to have a strong motivation. And and a dedication to learn. The next thing you should learn is how to write copy text that sells and the basics of marketing and branding.
    Everything you do in live you've to be able to sell in one way or another. In this case your abilities.
    A great book to learn copy writing is the "Copy Writer's Handbook" by Robert Bly. (You'll find a pdf on the web.)

    And yes learn some front end and ux design. Not that you'll work in it full time but it's handy to know and it's somewhat expected. As there is a thing called Tensorflow.JS for machine learning on websites.

    Refactoring ui design youtube

    Focus on a niche. Have a clear idea what type of company you want to work and where. (Maybe a fintech startup in Spain?) Tailor your application with your copy writing skills for each company. Focus on linked in and talk directy with HR people. Have a plan and a script/method to follow.

    good luck!
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    @heyheni Thanks for all your recommendations! im checking that right now.

    You mentioned i must pick a niche, i somewhat pick it up, maybe needs extra refinement, but i want to stay on Machine Learning Deployment Environments, where i can build Machine Learning powered tools exposed through APIs that serves other applications with no assumptions, what you think about it?
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    @Fast-Nop @Fast-Nop Relocation is not possible right now at this point in my life, im 20yo, i need money for do the relocation. Worth mention i planned that relocation and it will happen in the future, but need the money for do it, at least some sort of income
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    @ElPapi42 Niche, more in terms of industry. Ask your self where could they use your "machine learning devops" skills. For example a specific kind of medical research. Or fraud detection in finance. Space exploration. Climate reasearch. Economics.

    Also there are 4.5 million Venezulans abroad. 4.5 Million possibilities for you. And 350'000 fled to spain. You should look on social media and facebook for fb groups where venezulans living abroad hang out. You may get to know someone who is willing to help you by giving you a job. for example: https://facebook.com/groups/...
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    @heyheni what you recommend is very deep, never think about search for job that way, i will try it.

    Respect to the Industry Oriented Niche, i must think deeply about it, not sure where i fit better or which one motivates me better, i will see
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    I was in this position many years ago.

    I threw out what I couldn't carry at 16, packed what I could in a duffel and a backpack, grabbed a bus ticket and headed west. Lived out of hostels, slept in parks, worked 2-3 jobs at a time, got to know people, couch surfed for awhile, started doing side work, eventually signed on for full time work, finished school and made a life.

    Not saying you have to do that exactly, just that you're at the best age to fail because you don't have far to fall. And you're going to fail a lot. Every one of those failures makes you stronger, those scars are your armor, so 10-20 years from now you will be an absolutely skilled, hire-able, emotionally secure beast.

    tl;dr Don't overlook hanging sheetrock and making coffee while work towards what you really want, sometimes that's the easiest way to get there.
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    @SortOfTested Great words man, be risky is something i preffer to avoid, but sometimes its required, i will think about it
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    This post makes me question my future plans. Thanks for this post and its comments, everyone involved.
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    @-ANGRY-STUDENT- Share with us your thoughts if you wish, can light up the path to others like us
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