The devRant community seems to hate everything I love in coding xD
However, we all still relate to the same rants ;)

PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Wordpress

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    the php one is just 1-2 guys that keep ranting about php, so much and inaccurate that they probably don't even know php
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    @DarkMukke but Wordpress! Why would anyone rant about that simple yet powerful, although full of security issues, software?
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    @uziiuzair because of the security problems..
    you should try https://getgrav.org/ as an alternative
    (although at work, we have about 150 WP websites we maintain, so I work with it yes, but having to update 150 custom WP installations, when a security issue is released, is a pain)
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    @DarkMukke that's what you have MainWP for! However I must agree that it can be a daunting task working with all those installations.
    I work with around the same number haha
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    @uziiuzair mostly cause its operated mostly by people that don't know what they are doing and ask you to fix it for free when it gets hacked cause you made the design from them and if you tell the dumbass you won't cause they caused it they say they're going to go public saying you ripped them out of money. atleast this is one of the reasons I don't like it, the other is that it allows way to many fake developers in the market.

    btw on the client that said they were going public, I straight up told them they didn't pay in full so they can do what they want but I can rebuild my business quicker than they can get out of being deadbeats. they shut up quick
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    @jckimble that's an interesting point. However, regardless of the fact that many fake developers can get into the market with Wordpress, none of those developers can actually provide a product to the client the way we "real" developers can. While they would go for premium themes, we will provide solutions.

    The market is awful, but it's not difficult to build a client base, and a few clients who trust you will actually pay you the right price, (and not try to compare you with the 50$ themeforest charges).
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    @uziiuzair yeah you're right but it still doesn't stop the fact that most of the market has developers that slap on a bought theme and misuse wordpress with 50 plugins to make a site. which brings down freelance prices cause they made something temperamental and buggy as hell and people think that's what we all do
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    @rtannerf if you have real root access you don't have to brute force anything. either go in through ssh and login with mysql with root or login with ftp and read the database information from wp-config and add a wordpress admin. but I do know that feeling, I can ssh in and get to a clients files if I want but I have a self-imposed protocol that I don't. if a client wants me to help they have to give me what I ask for otherwise they can do it themselves.
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    @rtannerf ah ok, I'm meaner than brute forcing I would put a quick script that logs his password when he uses his login lol
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    @rtannerf replace the admin password hash and you're good to go :D
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    @DarkMukke isn't MultiWP a good solution for that? You can update all site in one click
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    @HoloDreamer you missed the word 'custom' i think
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