Has anyone tried Vivaldi around here? Although I assume it was forked from Opera, it's a really nice alternative to Google Chrome, plus it supports Chrome apps! And does not kill the ram!!!!

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    Sounds interesting, but I'm pretty sure Opera is closed source.
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    @spongessuck sorry clarification, it was developed by a company founded by Opera Cofounder.
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    @uziiuzair and it has most of the old opera dev on it

    i like it as an alternative for chrome, for those times chrome as cached a perm redirect and i need to test something and not in the mood to reset my lasi x hourse of browsing

    i use vivaldi over ff
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    It's nice but the devtools aren't dockable so that's pretty much a no-go for me :p
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    I e heard it's pretty prone to breaking down while displaying certain websites and has general stability issues.

    The again, I've never used it so I could just be talking out of my ass
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    It's not bad. I like the theming options, but it still doesn't have some must-have features (sync across devices and mobile app).
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    I LOVE the features it does have, but I can't use it due to the features it doesn't have. 🙁
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    @azuredivay Brave, developed by Brendon Eich, it's designed to rewrite ads. Instead of ads being big intrusive things on a site they are turned into less invasive they're clearly marked as an advert/sponsored link and they user is able to clearly see what is what and click on an ad only if they want to.

    It's written in web technologies itself which is interesting and is still not officially at v1 yet but I check it once a week to see how it's coming on.

    Not a browser for developing stuff in yet though!
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    Vivaldi is based on The chromium source but Google took it And added Memory leaks
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    Found it and installed it a few weeks ago, but like others have said it doesn't do anything better enough to justify switching.

    Edit: deleted additional period because this phone is a piece of shit which stops typing midway through a sentence only to through the whole thing up 20 seconds later.
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