So we're doing this contract work for this other company and the project is just an overcomplicated piece of garbage where they shoved every buzzword technology into it just because. I managed to get the code just about organized and functional on our side of the contract and it was looking up when suddenly the management decides "we had a rough start, lets start over, learning from our mistakes"
So I was thinking "cool, there were a lot of problems with this overcomplicated pre-optimized stack, surely we can only do better".. oh boy how naive I was. See Im not the guy in charge of the infrastructure (unfortunately) and really the project structure across this huge multi service project is a free-for-all kind of management.. so we had a call on friday where they explained how the new structure should be built... 3 new technologies, more micro services and even worse dependency tree later I was contemplating suicide on the spot.

I tried to make this shit usable and efficient and all my fucking work went down the drain in a single day of these fuckers throwing more buzzwords at the problem... I can't even get a new empty project started without browsing our huge 100+ repo project git for which dependency Im still missing to even run it...

I fucking hate this retarded piece of crap project and I hope every "manager" and "developer" with an exception of very few chokes on a cock...

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    One thing that made me panic: Microservices

    With the current structure and it is a pure mess, I imagine a service that has to call multiple services to fulfill its request and be able to respond to user, now how cute would it be if something goes wrong down the stream, who is the poor hated soul that will debug to detect that?

    Unless they do use logging and metrics and other alerting stuff that helps out.
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    Hey, feel you man. At my workplace it's more or less the same. Alas I joined the company just a few months ago, so I still don't feel like I'm in the position to criticize. And... colleagues are gentle, goodhearted people, so I can't really be mad at them...


    This shit ain't maintanable, not without losing sanity for each and every little change you have to make.

    And oh, we are supposed to deliver new versions weekly. For some projects even twice a week. Good god.
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