Oh shit... My XPS 13 seems to slowly approach it's EOL :(

It has lost power 3 times already since yesterday. The last time it shut down while I was browsing BIOS (UEFI) settings, on a charger...

shit :(

Yes, I am drooling at the new XPS 7390 with advertised battery lifetime of 21 hour. But I'm so used to my lappy.

Shit :(

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    "XPS 7390" wait, really, fucking 21 hours?!?!?!?!
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    Refiews claim they could reach 10-11 hours while doing the reviews + 4k video playing for the remaining time
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    Then how bout you tell us what's a good laptop.
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    @siebe The Yogas look pretty decent, been watching them for years.
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    @siebe at least some yogas have soldered ram AND an empty dimm slot. Got one like that for my wife
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    The dell latitude line is pretty decent. I prefer those. The keyboard is pretty good.

    if you need the horsepower - go for a precision. but for Battery life... you might want to get a low spec mac.
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    @siebe that's very true, but also a lot better than most laptops these days lol

    I guess it comes down to which one has fewer faults lol
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    @siebe @ScribeOfGoD
    Had 2, can confirm. Would not buy again. There's obvious basic consumer focus on the unit. Will run Manjaro though.
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    @metamourge the dell workstation laptops and system76 laptops are good. Expensive though.
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    @metamourge re: system 76
    PopOS! is greatness, the guys their really believe in their products. Just be careful with their laptops as all the System76 units are clevo/sager/eurocom, and they run the quality gamut.

    Top end units like the Clevo P775TM1-G are great (except the hinge and lack of dead pixel policy). Lower price units have 0 QA and you'll have trouble getting service from 76 on them as all they can do is return them to the factory in China. 2 weeks turnaround in the best case, no guarantee it will actually be fixed.
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