can 2 modal which is static have a race condition error? I’m trying to fix a bug and when I showed it to my senior , I said maybe because of the first modal the style is not being applied on the second modal he then said “it might be a race condition” and I almost choked on my own saliva.

Ps: the first modal will show a loading text and a gif after that the second modal shows with some data.

I got confused how he think that it might be a race condition. We’re not doing webworks on the front end. Weird.

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    I'm assuming front end web modals yea?

    If the 1st modal is loaded and has the css for the 2nd modal, but the 2nd modal doesn't have its own css, or more the fact the css isn't global in the first place in a .css file both inherit from.

    Then depending on if the loading of the modals is async or not, it could be possible.

    Weird scenario to be in, but sure if you did all the above, then yea possible.
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    @C0D4 they have their own css. Its from a bootstrap class. Yea weird.
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