I didn't know any one of them, we just meet at the TADHack last week end. Because my team members apologies at the last moment, I joined one of them who forgot his laptop. The third came after five minutes asking "can I join"?
We established a team from three different backgrounds, and started the work. Each one built what he know, and we integrated all of it together.
Luckily, we won.... I enjoyed these weekend...

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    Greetings from melaka
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    Awesome story
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    Congrats :) the big question tho: what did you guys make?
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    Yes! What do you've made? We want to know :)
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    @yarwest simply, one built a Bot to take the client orders, the other built voice chat window that works only if the business owner is online, and we added SMS, and payment module. Then I integrated all in one Web app.
    Each one do what he knows in the simplest way.
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