PM looking at Concept Design: "There were checkboxes and now you have radio buttons"

Me: "Those are two separate screens. One is the user inventory, the other populates an add"

PM: "So which is it? Are we using checkboxes or radio buttons?"

Me:"...both? Each where it makes sense?"

PM: "So what's the point of the radio button? If the user can only click one row, why do we need a radio button?"

Me: "Visual representation of what they selected. We could use row highlighting as well, it doesn't really matter"

PM: "But what's the point?"


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    Pardon my ignorance, but what would be the difference? If I understood correctly the user would be able to only select a single item in both screens, right? So whats the difference between radios and checkboxes? Radios seem better to me in both cases since checkboxes more often than not mean you can select multiple items.

    Enlighten me please :)
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    You're correct, they both work. We concepted it out so that checkboxes were for the inventory screen where the user could select multiple records.

    Then we concepted out radios on a screen where the user was only selecting one row, thinking them more appropriate.
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    @stytches oh, ok. I thought you were only allowed to select one item in the inventory.

    Your PM is retarded then. I don't get it, why do people think they're better at other people's jobs? If I hired a designer, a backend developer, someone to do marketing, whatever I'd just let them do their jobs since they clearly know more about it than I do, otherwise I'd just do it all by myself...
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    Yeah, it's been a going trend with this guy. He's micromanaging the design when he knows nothing about UX/UI or the reasoning behind decisions.
    He just know's that he doesn't like how this or that looks.
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    But what does the user think?
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    That's the funny part. The users love the concepts. They occasionally have some minor tweak requests but for the most part, we've been nailing it.
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    None of it matters until users give you feedback on actual usage ☺️ Empathy maps are worth 10k opinions.
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