The whole idea of development is ego boosting. The idea of turning thought into action by building something is very intoxicating. The power to create something from nothing. To be able to construct a world where everything in that world follows my rules of existence. Whether those objects be a database, or an NPC in a game. Development is literally the power of a god!

Some people say I have a god complex. Yes, of course I do, I am a software developer...

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    Nice message for a Happy Developers day greeting card
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    I'm a goddess.
    It's no wonder i'm also a dev.
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    Take it down a notch codemonkey. No need to get all worked up.
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    *laughs in economics*
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    *giggles in meta-data*
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    That's why I like creating NPCs especially.
    Sadly doesn't make me feel intoxicated, but that's what whiskey is for.
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