This annoyed me so you can have that feeling too.

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    Where's the lie at?
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    @Stuxnet more the disregard for the work that goes in
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    @odite Well.... I get to play around with 3 leds + custom board, and get payed to do it!

    so my version:
    turn on.
    turn off.
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    @magicMirror good for you, I guess.
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    hope xcx life schedule:
    1. born
    2. young and dumb
    3. dumb
    4. old and dumb
    5. dead
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    @odite don't hold your breath waiting on the respect it deserves because it's gonna be a hot minute before it's given.
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    I do honestly feel like we as developers are reasonably well off though.

    I mean there are better paying careers, but in terms of effort vs returns, a tech career almost feels like a cheat code.

    I've tutored a few people through JS bootcamp courses, and while it doesn't immediately net you 100k/y, I have seen a few people go from €20k minimum wage to €35k junior dev jobs — and got feedback like "if I had known that basic programming skills were within reach all this time, I would've started earlier"
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    I'll cry about this on my bed of money once I get that sweet CS gig.
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    20-30k annual where im at 😪
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    1. Carefully, I repeat, CAREFULLY poke a few recruiters

    2. Gently shake if they don't wake up yet

    3. Softly whisper a list of your skills at them, and tell them you are currently earning 1.5x your actual salary.

    4. If at any point you find that more than 3 recruiters are suddenly gazing at you with their cold soulless eyes, break your phone in half, delete your LinkedIn, set your house on fire and run for your life.
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    I must have fucked up somewhere around step 4.
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