is it better to die by loving what you do, or live depressed doing what you hate?

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    dying inside while living the dream.
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    Better live loving what you love to do
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    Most people are too scared to do what they actually want to, and get stuck in a career doing something they eventually got good at but still find miserable.

    The same is true of many relationships/marriages.

    People are miserable because they are afraid of risk.
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    I finished typing all my essay but it won't allow me to post it. So, see attached file
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    Looking for justifications to pivot career towards porn?
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    @netikras Stop it 🤣🤣
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    I think life is all about balancing on the edge between both.

    As close to hedonistic pleasure as possible, without jeopardizing your future wellbeing.

    It's a "simple" optimization problem.

    If you want to maximize your average happiness for this upcoming decade, what do you need to do today? If it's something horrible, it's probably worth it if there's a significant return on that investment.

    Saving for a pension is worth it, if you expect that what it brings you in the future increases your happiness more than what it prevents you from doing now.

    Shooting heroin is worth it if you think that short-lived peak of bliss outweighs the pain after it.

    You continuously try to learn and reoptimize from received feedback. You study for school because future, you furiously masturbate because pleasure, now. You take a shitty job in expectation of better jobs, you eat 3 bars of chocolate to deal with stress of shitty job. 🤷
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