Einstein supposedly has a quote attributed to him: "Perfection isn't achieved when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to remove."

I find that I aggressively refactor code where I can to only what is absolutely required. It does also have the knock on effect of reducing scope of bugs, when the code is smaller there's only so many places bugs can be.

Tesla claimed to have the ability to create designs in his head and only built things once he was satisfied that it worked in theory first, now it's rare I can do that, but I will use a repl to prototype or test modules in isolation before just hacking on the actual code.

Jobs, I mean, I know he didn't code but he was always insisting on designs that looked good and was generally uncompromising in his design centric view.

My friend, she was my Starbucks barista for a while but I've slowly been teaching her code and she's taught me a lot about how to teach others to code, she also happens to be my favourite student.

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    I read same quote on a VC blog just few hrs ago. What a coincidence!
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    That's not a quote from Einstein, it's a quote from a French aircraft designer (and the author of "The Little Prince").

    I think Einstein extended it by adding that things should be as simple as possible, but no simpler.
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    @Wildgoose It's why I said "supposedly" I wasn't 100% sure...
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