Today I met a random guy who contacted me through Facebook to teach him some C++.

He wanted to create a small anomalies detection system on x-ray images with OpenCV (for industry purposes).

The guy came from Nigeria, where he studied medicine, but here has to work on two completely unrelated minijobs to survive.

And he still finds energy to keep learning new crazy stuff like C++ (he definitely chose the hard path to learn some programming).

And that's it, there's no moral for this fable, just a short story. Learn whatever you want from it.

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    Solid guy I'd say.
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    When no one answered, the nigerian prince he took his fate into his own hands and started branching out ...
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    I started to know about the programming world from c++. 😂
    Especially because i was accidentally enrolled in the comp. science course without knowing what the future has for me.
    Am i tough too?
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