> Find new remote job that pays six figures.
> Only person in the house with income.
> Still not left alone to fucking work.



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    Are we talking yearly here?
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    Kindly remind them that working remotely does not imply less work. Sometimes even the opposite.
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    @nitwhiz ha 😋

    @p100sch I meant the people I live with. 😕
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    Oh my fucking lord, in the exact same situation here! Can’t spend 30 fucking minutes without my focus getting ruined.

    Work from home with kids sucks donkey dick.

    My advice to young folk working remotely: don’t have kids if you want to have focus on your career.
    Or rent a shared office space.
    Or get married to a person that doesn’t need a career.
    Or divorce and get joint custody on weekends.

    But avoid working from home with kids if you can.
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    So it's there a good side to having kids?
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    @billgates only if you're worried about getting old and depressed about not leaving a legacy and all that.
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    I work remotely, with my kids and have for years. It takes a lot of hard work. An office with a door you can close help. It's irritating to be interrupted, but seriously ... cherish the interruptions because you'll miss them one day.
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    I want to move, badly, and wherever we end up going, the house will have an office. Currently, I work in the same room with my girlfriend and two small children. The distractions (games, talking, yelling, crying, laughing, stomping, crashes, flying toys, ...) are continuous and infuriating.

    If the interruptions were occasional and cute, I would find them adorable.
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    @Root that's really hard - I work in a different room, or even the patio. On the days I am in the same room I might as well take a vacation day. I feel that. I've been lucky enough that we have large cheap houses here in Raleigh.
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    @devphobe Fhtagn! I'm seriously considering moving somewhere ridiculously cheap for a few years just to build capital. I work 100% remotely, so it doesn't matter where I live, yeah? Maybe even somewhere nice enough where I can actually go outside once in awhile without roasting to death. It gets 115-118°f here in the summer. that's ... 46-48°c? Bloody awful.
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    Seriously - Raleigh is gorgeous most of the year, and with "Research Triangle Park" in our backyard, many of my neighbors are either devs, or closely related (QC, Support, etc). Homes are cheap. I wouldn't move far from here if I did. I had a private office in my house until we went from two kids to four practically overnight... but that's a different story!
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    I hear thailand is nice. Or costa rica. When i think remote and cheap its out of the US.

    When i worked remotely had to have my own room with door. Only way.
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    Just wondering how do you work remotely? How do you have meetings with the rest of the team?

    I guess I'm remote too usually I just get my own projects and sometimes help out with some issues but feeling is sorta like me on a 1 man team and everyone else.
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    Come here!!! This is a picture I took on vacation, this island has signal. :D
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    I'm reminded a friend of mine married someone who was deaf, so they wouldn't get annoyed by their kids. :-)
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    What you need is a basement with a secret door..
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    Reminds me of where I am, one of the good beaches here:
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    > It gets 115-118°f here in the summer.

    I used to live in a place like that, the only way to code was naked !

    Now I moved someplace where its 12c on a warm day. :-)

    I can wear clothes again !
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    > girlfriend and two small children.

    Perhaps time to upgrade to one without children !

    I always thought that was one of the mayor benefits in being part of a non-reproductive couple, that children couldn't magically appear.
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    @hash-table I want that locking door so so badly. And I want it to have soundproofing and a window.

    @billgates Video calls. Sometimes four a day. I yell at everyone and shoo them out of the room (which surprisingly works), or go to my 4yo's unused room. He sleeps in it but won't spend any time there otherwise.

    @rutee07 😯 Want.
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    When I was a kid, my parents would have time on their own. Be it for work which my father did partly at home, or for a nap, or just for hobby activities.

    Each would have a sign on the door of the room where he/she was, like "don't disturb". They made it clear to us kids that this really meant "no entrance" unless the house was burning or someone was seriously injured.

    But that was at a time where people considered it normal education to teach kids that they can't have everything at once whenever they want it, and that the world doesn't revolve around them.

    On the other hand, it was also normal for us kids to just leave and be back in the evening, and nobody had mobile phones for permanent parental control.
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    Also a remote worker (most of the time anyway) with child. But I'm lucky - the wife looks after child, and we live on our own so no other disturbances.

    No way would I be able to work properly if there were others in the house, or had to look after our child as well.
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    @Root isn't it about time you moved out to your ow. Appartment/place?
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    @NeatNerdPrime I don't live with my parents if that's what you're saying.
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    @Root I meant in general, since i don't like to ass-u-me. Anyways, maybe put a sign with 'do not disturb' and keep a whip or flogger in arms reach so you can punish anyone disregarding the sign.
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