Last year I had to program most of my projects in Python. I like the language, don't get me wrong. But man oh man if you indent your line of code one too many fucking times, it can be such a pain in the ass to find your error...

Even if it may clutter your code (not in my opinion), that's why I love them curly brackets and languages which use them <3

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    I've always preferred curly braces - I find said code *more* readable personally than the forced whitespace type. Then again, I grew up that way, so I could just be used to it. Horses for courses I guess.
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    Honestly, the only petty-ass reason why I don't use python is because tab is an indent
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    @Ranchu not sure what you mean, you can indent either with tabs or spaces. Pretty much everyone uses spaces, but that's enforced by code styles in ton of other languages anyways.
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    yea syntactic whitespaces are a bich. Wait until you start writing yaml. Better get used to it now, we can't fight it at this point :/
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    What I also hate is Pascal's BEGIN/END brain damage. Draws way too much attention to something that isn't actual code.
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    Let's make fun of Python!

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    Oh yes, especially when the issue is due to a double space/tab conflict. I like Python for some tasks (data scraping/parsing in particular), but as syntax I prefer languages with curly braces
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    @Fast-Nop I love begin and end in the Pascal familiy. It makes code readable like a structure of sentences.
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    @Benedikt Then you should love COBOL even more.
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