It appears that Blizzard is joining the AAA fray in its latest successful attempt to enrage its customers. Looks like the acquisition by Activision did exactly what everyone thought it would do.

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    I've never thought of them as not AAA. Maybe it's just their quality.

    What did they do this time?
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    Seconding @SortOfTested's comment and question
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    Check out what all they did with Warcraft 3 remake, all those lovely bans, and other stuff
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    Yeah, they disabled legitimate use of the original, well-loved 2002 game, in favor of a promised facelift that turned out to be an unfinished product that was full of bugs and graphical glitches, and did not actually include the enhancements they promised. Further, they updated the EULA with extremely onerous terms, including a rather ironclad clause that states that any mods, maps, or content of any kind made with the provided software was immediately and in perpetuity the sole exclusive property of Activision-Blizzard.

    People are livid. The game has a rating of 0.5 out of ten on metacritic.
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    I didn't mean to say that Blizzard is not or was not AAA. I meant that the recent events (also including the censure against a hearthstone player who spoke in support of a free Hong Kong) make them fit in with the current ignited bag of dog shit that the rest of the AAA industry has become. EA, Ubi, and Activision have been terrible for years, exploiting children and addictive personalities with gambling mechanics. Bethesda spent most of 2019 designing a better shovel, so they can more effectively dig their own grave, and now Blizzard is showing they're no longer above this nonsense.
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    Lol, you know Blizzard is laughing hard right now.

    The “Oh W3 refunded is crap” is a minority of users. AND very few actually went for refund.

    The Metacritic bombing? crybabies.

    Fame is fine for MOST customers. Sales are great.

    Average Joe (Me inculed) don’t care about “ladder” or “Custom missions”.

    I got exactly what I wanted : The game I like with better graphics and models.

    They made money. Only people crying are attention seeking whores of twitch streamers and youtubers.

    I will agree on this tho : they should’ve let original game separated from reforged. This way people who wants to play custom campaigns, ladder etc still get their game. And people who doesn’t care about all of that (me), we have better graphics with same content.
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    Speaking of AAAs messing up, I'm so happy ID is still going strong and really nailed the doom reboot
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    I'm still holding my breath. I'm worried that the suits at Bethesda will try to shoehorn some kind of "live services" into it.
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