Anyone here uses System76 laptops? How was your experience with the company and the product? I'm asking about the Galago Pro specifically but even general information would be nice, thanks.

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    Big fan. Their hardware is undoubtedly more expensive than their competition, but it's all certified to work with Linux, and they will stand by that. I had to contact them about a kernel issue affecting display drivers, and they were able to work with me to determine that it was a kernel issue. This was for an OS that I installed, and that they didn't, but they still supported the problem to its resolution.

    My next laptop will definitely also be one of theirs.
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    Company is great, they do amazing work with PopOS.

    That said, hardware is meh. Their vendor, Clevo (sold as sager or eurocom in non-asian markets), tends to focus on providing high end hardware, but tend to use cheap pin hinges, low quality fans, low quality cases, etc and generally have poor QC. Their bioses are full access, but no frills.
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    I might buy my next lappy from them.
    Thanks @everyone!
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    I would buy one of their laptops. Issue is that I couldn't find and laptop there. Which is a bummer.
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