> Bang head against issue for days
> Finally get help from lead
> Watch them bang their head against it on video for 40 minutes
> Watch them shake their head in disbelief at how difficult to follow and objectively wrong the existing code is
> Talk through approach to fixing it and patching in the new functionality
> Listen to a short recap
> Ask question, get answer
> Chat about next company meet
> Meeting adjourns
> Jot down implementation notes before I forget
> Remember answer to question, forget everything else


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    This sounds like something that dumbass @Stuxnet would do lmao
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    But real talk I've been in the middle of a phone call and hung on the person just saying "dude dude dude I gotta go I'll call you in 5" so that I could quickly jot down some code to fix a bug I had.

    These moments usually come mid shit or whenever I'm tryna go to sleep.
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    Been there too. Then after I think "next time I'll record the video chat". Guess what happens next time!
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    go do something else. It will come back.
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    @magicMirror I did. It did not. ☹
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    The issue is it’s a story that doesn’t make sense. Like the yellow nothingness represented the blue void or something. It’s a complete thought, just as your program is functional, but it is meaningless with out more context.
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    I use audio/call recording for same reason.
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