Never understood why other Devs are annoyed most of the time, until i started working with a project manager and having meetings 4 times a week. I can feel my soul leaving my body everyday

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    4 meetings?

    I've got 14 more to get through this week (it's Tuesday night right now) and I'm suppose to get actual work done in there somewhere.
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    Yeah, the most understanding motherfuckers in this community are often the ones who have actual experience. Some who "think" they have as much experience or the younger ones (not all) who "think" they've seen reality would often preach some dumbass shit that makes no sense in the real world, are naive, or lacks perspective.

    I've met too many of that kind. It's like a rich man who has traveled all over the world and "seen" poverty but never actually lived or grew up in it and even if he did, it was for a short visit and it wasn't his life.
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    @C0D4 Ha! I feel you
    Today was meeting day for me. From 08:00 to 18:00ish including lunch break.

    (I don't mind when the topic is interesting, though!)
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    @Jilano 😂I can't call them all interesting, but necessary.

    Let's see tomorrow is mostly meetings.

    Scoping out a feature rebuild,it's a busted feature that was rebuilt but only half implemented so it's left to me to work out where it got up to and finish it - mind you it's in production 😂

    Then a white boarding session to get a high level overview of all the systems and integrations

    Lunch 🙃 I might get it tomorrow

    Data gathering meeting after that,

    Sweet half hour to myself 😱😱😱

    Meeting with legal to review recent changes before deployment and then spend the hour after that trying to make the changes that want before I get to call it a day 😂😂

    Thursday, I might actually get some dev work done, couple of small meetings, probably could skip them.

    Then Friday afternoon is back to back meetings again.

    I'll take 4 meetings a week any week instead of this.
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    lol i sometimes have more than 4 meetings a day
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    @C0D4 haha freakin madness dude!
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    @C0D4 Damn, i still have it easy with 4 a week.
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    If only you understood what “Agile” meant on your job description.
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    @Shifu-Hotman the downside to being a dev of many projects, today's (Wednesday now) are for 4 different projects 🤦‍♂️

    Word from the exhausted, learn to context shift early and frequently before upping your meeting game to this level.
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