Imagine liking php

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    Imagine not being smart enough to understand php...
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    almost as weird as beeing turned on by peeing
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    Imagine liking c++, js, lua, c#, haxe and python ^^
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    @Ranchu js is nice, c# is nice and python is very nice. php is very unsexy
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    @reij 1 yes, 2 yes, 3 no, 4 yes.
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    @Ranchu i can see why some people dont like python thats okay.
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    @reij I'll be honest, the language in itself is fine but the fucking tab as an indent...
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    I DID like it, 15 years ago, when I was 15.

    But then I actually learned it well.

    Since then, I respond on interviews to the question: "How well do you know PHP?", by saying:

    "It is my belief that the more one knows PHP, the more one naturally hates it. And I hate PHP very, much. But variable variables are the coolest (useless) feature I've ever come across in any language so far."
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    ...what is a "variable variable", nobody asked?

    well, it goes like this:

    $foo = "foo val";

    $bar ="bar val";

    $var = "foo";

    echo $$var; //this outputs "foo val", because $$var gets evaluated into $"foo", which is basically $foo, and that has value of "foo val"

    $var = "bar"

    echo $$var; //this now outputs "bar val";
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