Just wanted to make a clean install on my iMac. What could possibly go wrong?!

Cleaning the hard disk was interrupted by a process running (kextcache). Catalina wouldn't install ("Incomplete systen on target device". Dropping the terminal I could somehow force unmounting and wipe the disk. Had a BSOD in between. Catalina would still not install ("Failed to install pre boot volume"). Later erasing the disk got blocked by the kernel itself. Felt like trouble and it was: Next time I was greeted with a blinking folder containing a questionmark instead of the bitten Apple.

Last resort: Internet recovery. Installing El Capitan was said to take 7 hours so I took a USB time machine backup of latest Catalina. Installed it, but on reboot it get's stuck when progress bar is at 100%. But at least I've a working recovery again. Yeah, progress!

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    So you're not on Catalina yet? Lucky you!
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    @sboesch I was, and when it boots again, will also be *sniff*. Really hating it though.
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    Thought I with the fresh install I had fast and clean device again. No slowing done, little hiccups, sudden restarts. - But wrong again! First sudden shutdown/BSOD by System Sleep Wakeup!
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    This sounds suspiciously similar to my experience installing some of the more niche Linux distros...and I find that hilarious, lol.
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    @RememberMe Exactly. Doesn't feel like problems you should encounter with a major, commercial distro. But well, hard to test all the different hardware, software combinations that shit will run on and with.
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