haven't slept for a longer consecutive period than 10 minutes in 3 days, and that 10 minutes was achieved with 4 benadryl and cat snuggles
my brain keeps waking me up every 2-3 minutes during sleep, to full consciousness

what do

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    Getting shitfaced drunk comes to mind. In all seriousness, a few shots tends to help you sleep.
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    Go see a specialist. Chugging down drugs is not the solution to your problem.
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    Fap yourself to sleep, no kidding. If that doesn't work, go to the clinic to see if they have meds. I'm assuming you've done some physical activities and it still doesn't work though.
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    You can also trip on Benadryl from what I read. 100g and more. The smallest dose is 25mg, right? I heard the hallucinations through that are never good (hint: giant spiders). Regardless, it becomes less effective the more you use it for no reason other than allergies.
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    @Jilano it wasn't meant to be 4 but i fucked up with my counting-to-2 skills.
    @lkjhgf253 19 and none on hand.
    @rutee07 tried, failed. i'm also snowed in as the drive to the highway is harsh and atm no one can find the potholes. No one's brave enough to try winging it either. it's also sold as a sleep aid with a different name, and no, didn't trip...
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    After 9 days without sleep, you're dead. You can continue to live 2-3 days past that, but you're dead no matter what you do.

    So get some sleep!
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    See that phone in your hand... yes that thing, turn it the fuck off, NO not now, wait a minute.

    Ok, if you made it this far, you can still follow instructions, so not all is lost.

    Now, go turn off that TV over there, and the PC/Laptop and anything else that's counted as "digital", yea that fucking tablet/iPad over there too.

    Yay progress?
    Blink twice to confirm.

    Alright, now, sit on your couch, do absolutely nothing for the next 2-3 hours, stop thinking altogether and let that brain of yours fucking slow down enough to actually sleep.

    Ok now that we know what's up...
    hey turn that fucking TV back off, urgh, let's try this again.

    Now that we have an understanding, turn off that phone in your hand, and leave it the fuck off until sunrise.

    see you in the morning.
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    I'm not a god in terms of medical advice but yeah, get drunk!
    Even the old ass crappy drinks in your secret stash will do.
    Anything that contains drinkable ethanol works.
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    What @C0D4 said.

    Also, go see a doctor, this is a serious issue. You could die, not even 9 days are needed as Root suggested, people have died in less days, especially under strenuous circumstances.
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    power off everything that has any button or plug or way to be powered off in your surrounding, if insomia gets you, lay down and sleep.

    Also if for some reason you have insomia (like actual insomia) you can temporarly take melatonine for immidiete help, but you should in this case see doc.

    I have insomia, I use melatonine becouse my brain sometimes refuses to go sleep even if Im laying down nth hour (record 5 hours beeing 100% IDLE) with closed eyes
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    See a doctor, but also look into GABA and/or L-theanine to chill your anxiety, if you are indeed anxious.
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    Melatonin did the opposite of helping me go to sleep personally, I wouldn't recommend it at all, especially for regular use. The melatonin dosages it is normally sold at are also absolutely dumb, so if you want to really try it go for <1mg to start. Will likely have to cut the pill. It can be great for resetting your circadian rhythm when traveling though.

    I deal with this shit as well and what makes the biggest difference is not sitting all day. I go for a walk in the morning, another in the afternoon and one at night before or after my workout. Start moving, every day, listen to some fun/interesting podcasts for your walks. I also recommend looking into buteyko breathing, it helped me tackle my panic/anxiety issues on a physical level, the mental I'm still working on. Biggest take away here is to move a lot more, even if you are like how I was and thought your 45 min 3 days a week workouts were enough. They are not, we are sedentary tech people.
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    Try weed
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    happy to report: 4 hrs of sleep! it's a start atl

    @Root i'm well aware, my dad almost died when trying to get off clonazepam.
    @C0D4 my PC's in the other room, the only things on were a fanless APC, my APAP and phone
    @DubbaThony i literally can't afford to see a doc. I have like $10 in change.
    @Hastouki yeah buy there's like 6 inches of snow outside and i live in a double-wide mobile home, so nowhere to really go...
    @provector 'tis not legal, i'm afraid... plus my father's big on anti-weed shit.
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    Depends where you are based. But weed helps a ton
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    @Parzi you're going to have to figure out something to keep you active
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    @DubbaThony Really personality dependant. Only thing that really chills me out are pure CBD strains. Normal strains I have to hit laughably tiny amounts or it's instant anxiety.
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    @DubbaThony it's not legal in my state, no. Couldn't afford it if it was.
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    Jesus USA, i guess I always take for granted that in my country I can go to the doctor for free when I have a life-threatening (or any other) problem.

    My country is shitty compared to the USA, but at least we dont die because the doctor is expensive. I should appreciate that more.

    Glad to hear that you got some sleep.
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    In my conutry doc will help if its immidiete life threat. Otherwise if you need specialist you will wait in queue..

    Many, many months, sometimes one or two year(s) depending on what you need.

    And not becouse too few docs, but becouse they have quota on how much they can do due funding.

    And you are forced to pay insurance for it thats overpriced as hell, doing it privately would be +-2 times less expensive.
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