we're in a meeting to plan the inclusion of new interns. They don't have that much experience on linux but all our development is on linux:

me: So we'd need to setup up their computers, keep in mind they don't have experience on linux

coworker: gotcha, i'll do it.

**proceeds to install arch-linux**

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    pacstrap /mnt base nano
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    IMHO Ubuntu/Debian would be worse for dev, because they both ship with deprecated versions of several runtimes.
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    @metamourge yeah but for inexperienced people, arch is not a good option. It's like pushing someone who has never skied on an expert trail... not the best way to introduce you to the joy of skiing.
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    Don't forget to use yadm for the dotfile replication 😌
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    Sink or swim. It's Darwin time baby 😎
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    I started with Fedora, then Manjaro and now Mint. I think it's not that bad being _forced_ to use the terminal probably helps them to not use some gui fallbacks all the time.
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    That awkard moment they realize half the guis they're using are actually just starting cli processes in the background.
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