Before you fire me and delete me as admin from managing your website, also be sure to check on and have me transfer to you the third-party stuff, like Cloudflare or Mailchimp. Remember how I had to set these up on my own on your behalf (because you don't know what you're doing and those alerts would disappear into your unmanaged inbox)? Think first to make sure you have full control over your WHOLE site. You see, what happens when I delete those accounts is no longer my problem once I walk out the door.

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    100% guaranteed: they would call your deletion of these accounts an "attack" or a "hack," and would still not understand what is really happening.
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    @bahua Sadly, I'm absolutely positive this is what will occur. I'm already taking screenshots to back up my claims.
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    Just deactivate/disconnect them so if it turns into a shit fight they can still be handed over for legal reasons. But not before you politely remind them of what dumb fuckwits they are.
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    I'm with @bahua. If you are laid off and you grab company's private keys from the safe on your way out (suppose you were the one who was responsible for them) and make them public, it's an obvious THEFT and ATTACK (it should be called smth else in the law).

    If you are responsible for 3rd party accounts that are used for the company and affect them in any way after you walk out that door - that's also both THEFT of intellectual property and ATTACK on the company using stolen property (account).

    I'd sue your ass to the crisp if you did this to me. And you would definitely lose

    Just don't. If they are letting you go it's ALWAYS better to end things up on as good terms as possible.

    I know you're furious and you think they are not fair, but it's business. If you are no longer useful enough or you're too much of a risk there's no point in keeping you. If you act on it to harm them - legal actions will be taken against you.
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    @netikras I think the accounts are his personal ones, not business. At least, that's what I gather from the post. If not, then you are right
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    @epse aahh, that's another problem. AFAIK employees arent allowed to use personal equipment/accounts for work purposes.

    This is getting messy..
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    @netikras whether it's allowed depends on the job, but it's definitely never a great idea, but it jobs have a thing towards being messy
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    @StefanH I did exactly this, but with a much shorter time frame. Noon the next day. He got the message and acknowledged it. I turned it off and the site went down for an hour or so but was quickly up again.
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