>Why is chrome making my computer turn off all of a sudden?
<Boss, you have a quite old iMac with fully updated chrome, which is known to eat RAM. PLus, you've been using that computer as a donkey to do video editing, even tho it's not made for that (looking at the stats), and you have your home folder on an external hard drive, plus like 10 other apps always active, including premiere, illustrator, airmail (with 12k emails always loaded smh), slack on 2 workspaces and at LEAST 12 chrome tabs on some of the heaviest websites
>Mmh... yeah you're right, I'm kinda asking for it

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    Nonetheless, requirements steadily increasing with new updates isn't normal. It's a combination of laziness, tech debt building up and planned obsolescence.
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    @Lor-inc I totally agree! and this is much more visible in Apple softwares, where older products get worse version of software to work extra hard.
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