Kevin and I work together on a deep learning project. We have to present our initial literature survey to the review panel, in preparation for that after preparing the presentation (ppt) , we needed to prepare for presentation i.e cut hair shave beard (that's the preparation most developers toil at) and to top that we need to wear formal clotihing ! (yeah! you heard that right ironed formal pan formal cloth).

Kevin went to the barber shop for a hair cut and planned it later. The barber was an unemployed mechanical engineer ( a prerequisite for the story ahead) he casually started asking kevin some personal questions which included questions about his stream in engineering , project etc etc.
When he got to know about deep learning project we were working on.
He with so much hypocrisy, prejudice started belittling our project and also all developer about how they just copy-past code from github, etc etc. Also about how he also' can build website and stated that developer make money by just copy-paste job and about how majority of developers are just douchbag and told my friend to regret on not taking other vocation.
I am gonna go to his shop tommorow let me know, how to respond to that jerk.
I am gonna make his ears bleed, thats for sure.

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    Tell him that you are doing a real project during your time at university while he has to work as a hairdresser, that should settle it.
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    Are your and your friend's egos so brittle that you have to "fight back" at this dude who clearly doesn't know shit? Who cares? Don't waste your time trying to prove a point to a bitter man. It's not your problem that he's a bitter cunt and it's definitely Not your job to "teach him a lesson". He wouldn't listen anyway
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    Why didn't Kevin do the job you are planning to do tomorrow?
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    Yeah, I had a weird experience with a hairdresser. I expressed a sentiment about my belief system and he got in my face about it. I was like WTF is wrong with this guy. He is not my mentor nor my philosophy teacher. I tipped him even though it was the worst haircut I have ever had. I felt like he needed some positive in his life. But fuck you for your judgemental intolerance of my beliefs.
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