People that say shit like "real fans know that *their opinion* is true" or "anyone that knows anything about x knows that *their opinion* is true" are some of the worst people in society.

You can't start a sentence implying you're going to state a fact only to give your opinion. It's bullshit. It's lame. It makes you look like an idiot.

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    So tempted to... nah I'll let you have your moment of rage!
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    Sounds Like some Managers and Tech leads I know...
    "We've always done it this way. Any real X-Dev knows that that's the correct way of doing it"
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    Looking forward to future editions of Stux's list of pet peeves.
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    @rutee07 soon

    I felt like death warmed over for the last week and basically just slept all day from Thursday to Saturday at lunch time.
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