Sigh. I don't like the methods of first line helpdeskers. Computer problem? Restart it, or.. re-image it. The hell..

I know these are standard practices but I don't like them at all. Just because there's a small issue with a device, you're going to throw everything away? No troubleshooting at all? I don't call that troubleshooting nor helping.

My friend works as first line helpdesk and I told him: "Hey, WhatsApp isn't giving me double checkmarks anymore for my messages to you since last night. It's odd." and his response is: "Restart your phone". My god.. how much more technically ignorant could he be? Everything network-related on my phone is working, including WhatsApp, but no.. "restart your phone". Anyway.

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    Did it work after he restarted it tho?
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    @groxx I don't know what he did, but he probably restarted. I just don't like unrefined troubleshooting like this. It could have been better to restart the app only and clear its cache, or stop an app that would be eating a lot of memory.

    What if the issue were more serious? I mean, last time he couldn't get a game to work so he formatted Windows.. it's overkill.
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    @CaptainRant I mean, there aren't many things to do as a user when design documents and even api docs for 99% of code involved are kept secret from you.
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    @Lor-inc Well, that's where human intelligence comes in - troubleshoot by inference, find C when you do not know B and you just know A. We're not going to format Windows because one application isn't working. It's that type of overkill.
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