What do you hate about software and developer tutorials and how would you change them? What would totally disrupt the status quo with tutorials and make them easier to finish/useful/memorable/fun?

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    What I hate the most titles!
    I hate seeing something like: Why x is good and why you need to use it ...

    I just saw a post on: Why Swift is heading towards domination and why you should use it

    I've seen several tutorials use this type of titles when the tutorial barely covers all requirements
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    I just read books and documentation and apply first principles. Less video content would be awesome, the pace of absorption is glacial.
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    I actually think brad traversey and Corey Schafer do very good tutorials :)

    The tutorial that walk your through projects and get to the point are my favorite
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    Specially on programming languages, I hate that all of them are on the absolute basic and assumes no previous knowledge.
    For example: already having some knowledge in C, Java, Python, Haskell etc and want to learn more of C++.
    All tutorials found are how to make hello world and how to declare a variable and other super basic stuff, not the difference of struct/class or pointer/reference.

    I want tutorials that assumes previous knowledge and really showcases the unique features of that language.
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    Title: how to do X

    - 50 ads
    - an introduction to X
    - a history of what other people think of X
    - how not to do X
    - why some people do Y instead, but don't do that it's bad
    - actually, Y isn't bad in Z situation and there you may consider it
    - are you sure about X?
    - 50 ads
    - how to do X, but not really as we don't provide any code

    ...and people wonder why simple "code only" stack overflow answers became so popular...
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    If they’re video tutorials just watching them back to hear how it sounds would be great

    The number of dev videos I can’t watch because the audio popping or crackling drives me insane is itself insane

    I don’t expect amazing equipment or even pop filters. But a basic level of audio adjustment can go a long way
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