Welp, wish me luck diving into C for the first time

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    Just for the record, your name is visible in that picture. (If that's your name, of course)
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    Let's C how it goes. ^^
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    @linuxxx thanks! Hadn't noticed tbh, but I don't mind people knowing my first name so it's all good
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    @LavaTheif Okie, then its all good, welcome!
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    Fail fast, my dude 👍
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    That duck gives the the creeps...
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    good luck man! let us know how it goes!
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    @Fast-Nop btw man! what resources would you recommend?
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    @ScriptCoded Dr. Robert'); DROP TABLE ducks;-- didnt mean to creep you out and says sorry
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    @AleCx04 When I learnt C, I had some German book which was rather mediocre, but I was fluent in Pascal and only needed to figure out how to do things in C.

    I just made a demo project to learn the language, a simple four-in-a-row game with text interface. That game where you drop the pieces into a vertical frame.

    In hindsight, I should have been paying more attention to nasty shit like undefined behaviour, but I didn't even know that this existed until it started biting me. Function pointers are also interesting stuff that I encountered only later when I met some OOP like programming style in C. Oh and integer promotion rules of course.
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    @Fast-Nop sweet man! I try to look at the code that makes up other applications from time to time in C to try and understand it better. I currently have a book that targets writing an interpreter and then a compiler in Golang, when I am done with it, and assuming that I properly understand all of it(which it gets rather complex from time to time) I plan on porting it to C. I have always had a heavy fascination with C, but don't have a place to use it at work since we do most of our development in PHP, JS, Python and Java. One day I hope to branch out into making C my main work objective.
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    gcc -Wall -pedantic -O -g -std=c99.....


    still gives me shivers... one of the reasons I was kicked out of my previous uni

    As a guy who learned OOP(Java) first: fuck C and manual memory management in general
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    @bytecode I am pretty sure that given the experience you got afterwards you would be able to do a lot more now man. I started programming with c++ and absolutely despised it due to me sucking balls at everything back then. Now, the concepts do not seem nearly as scary as before. Pretty sure you could hack it if you really wanted to :D
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    @AleCx04 well... that was like a year ago... I learned Java when I was maybe 12(and PHP when I was 6 or 7 and JS when I was 8... yea... I could read and write at 4.5 years old... did not have anything better to do so I made websites)... soooo one could say I've got 10+ years of experience working with Java :D ....and I still hate manual memory management... I get that sometimes it is mandatory to do some memory management, but I like to do it at a higher level (think SoftReference in Java //stuff that can get garbage collected while being referenced(normally seen as being used and not eligible for gc) to prevent running out of memory). I don't care how big is any type in the memory (mostly because everything gets padded to 32-bit) and I have no need to access stuff byte after byte, I have objects and references and automatically resizing data types... and most importantly: I have BigInteger :D (theoretically speaking an infinite-size integer, the only limit is the size of RAM)
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    @LavaTheif Hahaha good one!
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    Good luck, and when getting stuck hope your rubberduck can give you some pointers 🤓
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    Hey there Charlie Debianpc, nice to meet you!

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    @LavaTheif hey there, Bobby Tables!
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