In the hospital while having some shit sucked out of my lung with a drain just under my right nipple. Not pleasant experience but coding helped.

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    Slime or water?
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    Brown slime
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    I had Pneumothorax
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    was it as satisfying as it sounds? I'd think immediately you'd be able to breath better.
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    @jbrandona119 It's not like you breathe harder in this condition. You just feel weaker. Like I would go up the stairs and I would feel like i just run a kilometer. I mean if i stayed stationary (as I did in hospital) I felt no difference from normal life. My left lung was totally fine so it provided enough oxygen for my brain to code. After three days I could go up the stairs without shortness of breath again.
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    @jbrandona119 from wikipedia i learned that pneumothorax is a fluid or air that comes into the space between the lungs. The Lung has an lower volume and the patient needs to breath more often to compensate for this. Untreated it can lead to death.
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    Don't know you but I'm still glad your okay my man!
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