Rain monitoring/alert api's/services/websites/apps.

Why the fuck are those fuckers (in my case) nearly always right when I couldn't care less and very fucking wrong when I couldn't care more?

Today, morning before leaving:
Nah mate you're good for the next x minutes (more than enough time for me to bike to the station and get on the train).
Reality: suddenly getting two gallons of water a second on me in the form of rain, arrived completely soaked and headphones broke.

Before biking home from the station;
*its raining hard as hell*
Rain alert/monitoring app/radar thingy: nah mate no worries, no rain last half hour and you're good for another half hour!
Reality: arrived home soaked a-fucking-gain.

So motherfucking annoying and frustrating. And yes, I do have an umbrella and such but I hate carrying that stuff around when 'not needed'.

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    Perhaps they are A/B testing weather reports.
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    Check where the weather station is based...
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    I usually complement sketchy reports with some weather radar so I can see what actual precipitation has been observed lately and track their movement...
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    Tip: There are extendable mini versions of umbrellas. You can easily fit one into a small pocket of your (sport) bag.
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    @-ANGRY-STUDENT- I once tried one of those and wasn't really sure if it was supposed to protect me from rain or I was supposed to protect it from rain, it eventually broke from heavy wind >_>
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