HAHAHAHAHAHA! He set a method public because its for public API. Yup you wasted your phd. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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    I don't think private methods can be called publicly. It's kind of the point if scope modifiers, isn't it?
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    @netikras in a class yes but this is a REST api. You set ur method name and itll be called regardless if its private or public. I wish I could edit my rant. Its a rest api.
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    @r-fu now THAT does make sense. Although not always the case :)
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    @netikras crazy because he added it as a comment to. #set public for public API. Hahahaha.
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    My support team got a ticket the other day from someone saying there was an error loading a package.

    Turns out that somebody had copied and pasted the error - before the package was installed - into the code as a comment.
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