Our best dev/arch just quit.
C dev lead & a dev staying late chatting.

Lead: am building, takes long
Dev: unit testing, time taking

Ask them y they r building on their latitudes when we got them linux precision with xeons/64gb workstation 1 each ?
Both: I code on latitude.

Build/test times. (pure Java/maven)
Latitudes=an hr or more
Precision=2m to 11m
Jenkins Infra we have =10 mins with test & push. Parallel builds support.

Am suposed to help with an open mind. They now want Mac pro

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    That is one beastly Java build if it takes that long.
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    @SortOfTested yeah 30+ poms. Maven parallel helped build faster though unit tests didn't work. Looks like no one touched it for 3 years while adding projects. We have the hw but no intent
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    That's not a java application, that's a space station
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    @SortOfTested Monolithic legacy stacks can just get more and more junk added to them unfortunately - to fully compile the "worst" of our legacy Java stacks it's about 5 minutes on my desktop machine, which is no precision but no slouch either. I suspect on a "normal" laptop it'd be more like half an hour.
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    Yep, I'm familiar. I was on the team writing the account and accrual program for USC in 2006, that was a fucking beast. I just like to block out the SE6 days.
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    @McFalcon What in the Fuck?
    Are they building from scratch everytime??? Monolithic Single jar monsters???? Why?????
    Change the way you build.
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    Sounds like they're milking the clock.
    Strange phrase.
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    @SortOfTested Heh, I don't blame you in that case 😂
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    @Root I second this, sounds like they like the long compilation to avoid working.
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    @magicMirror multiple jars
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    Mac aeugh
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    @spongessuck @Root who could blame them for not wanting to work on this codebase though
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