Last week
Customer: I want <totally useless app idea that already exists>, how long will it take to build it?
Me: I think such an app already exists, but according to your requirements I believe we could finish it around May 6th.
Customer: OK, but our app will be so much better.
-finishes meeting and signs contract-

Customer: will the app be done soon?
Me: as we discussed in the meeting last week, it won’t be done until May 6th.

Customer: will the app be done soon, when will it be in the app stores?
Me: As I explained yesterday, it won’t be finished before May 6th.


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    Wednesday: is it done yet?
    You: it will be done may 8th. It would've been the 6th, but you won't leave me alone to actually make any progress.
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    @deadPix3l haha, that’s how it is! Sadly some people think everything is magic and it’s done yesterday...
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    @crowdsurfer well of course! Computers are magic, and magic doesn't have a timeline! Programmers are magicians. And this waiting and timelines. It's just them being greedy, keeping all the magic for themselves!
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    @deadPix3l I mean, it is true.
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    It takes one day longer everytime he asks. :) It usually works on children.
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    I'm reminded of when folk ask when will my vehicle be in the shops.

    I tell them, it will take 10 years !

    At least !
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    So.. Is it done yet?
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    I really hope its a calendar app
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    ah the drama when the customer will get the bill. "Why do I have to pay $80'000 for a stupid app? How could you do that to me?"
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