Had a 1:1 with my boss last night and together we figured out a tricky bug related to my PR. However, either my PR or that bug patch broke a tangentially-related test. Queue my usual exhaustion, and I gave up trying to fix it.

This morning, I'm looking at it and nothing makes sense. My change should not have broken the test. So I reran the controller's tests, and... they all pass?

What is logic.

Good thing, though; that test leads to a few rabbit holes I haven't even begun exploring yet.

Oh, never mind. It broke again.
Ergh, here we go. 😔

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    So either that test or that code is exceedingly funky. Or both. Probably both. Either way, who better to fix it?
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    @epse I want a nap. ☹
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    @Root do you have to work much longer?
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    @epse My day just started.
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    @Root auwchies, best of luck! Internetty ghost hugs are available if you want
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    @epse Thanks ❤
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    @Root Can you maybe do a power nap? Those work wonders.
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    At a certain point you will feel the compulsion to believe in ghosts and wordpress. You will need to resist those urges.
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    Who knows maybe the error is supressed by your co-worker’s shittier code
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    I once had a situation like that in a former clients java project. What happened there were two issues. The project was pulling the same library twice, but each with a different version number, which caused seemingly random behaviour. Root cause was defining deps in maven project but also someplace else (cant remember where.

    Odds are you're doing the right thing, twice , with disastrous mindboggling results.
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    just watch it be system specific. Or worse, hardware specific. Or worse, a combination.
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