I was writing tests at work and rather enjoying myself.

Boss insisted we all go home early because "holiday halfsies," so I semi-unhappily pack up and go home. At home, I write tests for a personal project instead.

Dev life.

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    I'm spending my last work day of the week testing too. I'm still in the office though. It's 3:15 PM and I've been here since 5 AM.

    Sweet Jesus, the server wouldn't behave, I'm stuck here forever.
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    Don't write tests

    Or let the test department figure out how to test the software, themselves
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    Finished coding the final uni project until september in java yesterday, and thought it's be cool if I tried creating a version of it in clojure.


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    Wait, it's Saturday and you're at work?!
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    LISP: may cause insanity in moderate to high doses.
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    @TangChr It obviously wasn't posed as a problem.
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    @TangChr so, you want root to be unhappy? :p That's not a solution x)
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    You made me giggle 🤭
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    Dev-driven life 😂 don't let the marketers see this!
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