Have you ever gotten so frustrated with coding and dealing with constant churn and issues and stupid people that you just wanna burn it all down and start a whole new career in a completely different field?

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    Yeah. Then I realised it was the job, not the field making me feel like that.
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    This whole week, especially yesterday. Maybe that feeling would be greater today. I just hope not.
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    Yes, see my rant from yesterdoodle.
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    Yes to a degree but @AlmondSauce is right. It's not the coding itself... It's the stress we put on ourselfes, the stress others put on us.
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    I'm hoping investing will pay dividends on my efforts.
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    not yet but getting frustrated over constant churn and issues and stupid people is how I ended up here so I'm sure it's only a matter of time.
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    Fuck yes
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    Every other day.
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