I am glad that I usually include comments, which make me smile years later...
What are your best findings when you look at your old code?

something like:
// having any and all at the same hierarchy is not valid (and stupid)
someMistakeDeep: 1 // deep fail
// TODO: find out, why the cache is behaving like this. And fix it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

or my all time favorite comments
// this should not happen.
// wat?

or testing emails like
- tldsAreNotCheckedBTW@something.idontthinkthisdoesexist
- nonValidEmail.com
or urls...
- ProtocolMissing.com
- www.stillNoProtocol.com

And when I'm out of ideas, something like this
messageContent: 'Bla Bla Bla. Exception in FS on Host https://w.com/hpsa',
{ SmsVerb: 'randomVerb' }, // unknown Attribute

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    FX [ Checks 35 year old code.. ]

    // save network

    Not got around to writing that function yet..
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    I like to use "silly error messages" like

    "Oops! It should never have happened"
    "It was like this when I got here"
    "Someone screwed up everything here... And it`s not my fault"

    But it just in my own projects... Unfortunately my employers don`t like this kind of messages...
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    When I took over our codebase I found a couple fun console logs. My favorite is "This is dumb and I should have done it sooner"
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    @Eldius previous dev had "that didn't work, try again later" strewn all across the codebase, as hardcoded strings...

    Really fucking hard to get error messages from customers on their locally deployed solution when that's all it says...!
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    @arcaneeye I use a distinct message for each error, to help search for the error point...
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    Aye, that'd be nice :-)
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