Did happen to me 😂

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    sudo rm -rf /var

    instead of

    sudo rm -rf var

    It was a long day...

    What I learnt from this incident: sudo apt install safe-rm
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    find / -delete
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    safe-rm is nice.

    What I use on my laptop & desktop, is an alias from rm to "gio trash", which is the default ubuntu-distro-family implementation of the desktop trashcan.
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    Interestingly, my colleague had formed a folder named "*" by mistake. In order to delete, my colleague typed rm -rf *

    It was taking a long time and my colleague kept on wondering why it was taking so much time until I came into the room and stopped it.

    Thankfully, we were able to recover the data.
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    Dont think it kills running processes
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    If you have ever deleted node_modules from an angular project. Also don’t delete that folder from Windows explorer because it can lock your machine for hours on a complex project.
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